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A new book of essays from librarians, students and academics around the world offers insights into the work of decolonising a library. 


For this episode we spoke with the book’s editors, Jess Crilly, an independent author who was formerly the associate director for content and discovery, library services at the University of the Arts London and Regina Everitt, the assistant chief operating officer and director of library, archives and learning services at the University of East London. 


We cover what it means to decolonise a library, how a project like this stretches far beyond the archives and learning services of a campus and what practical advice they’d give to someone interested in doing this work. Not surprisingly, it starts with a conversation. 


Learn more about their book Narrative Expansions: Interpreting Decolonisation in Academic Libraries


And find more advice pieces about decolonisation on THE Campus including How to support academic staff starting the journey of decolonising the curriculum  and Decolonising the curriculum – how do I get started? 

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